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Audiologist Watkinsville, GA

Hearing aids aren't just a commodity! They are medical devices that work harmoniously with counseling and aural rehabilitation to help you hear better. Through better hearing comes a higher quality of life! At Hearing & Balance Clinic, we provide you with hearing aids and audiology services to help you hear better and enjoy life more. If you're experiencing hearing loss and are finding it harder to communicate effectively, then it may be time to schedule a hearing exam with a trusted audiologist. As a locally-owned and operated audiology clinic in Watkinsville, GA, we provide you with thorough evaluations using state-of-the-art audiology equipment. Call to schedule an appointment with us today!

Find The Freedom of Better Hearing

Are you struggling from hearing loss? When you hear a constant ring in your ear or still can't map out sounds on the TV even with the volume turned up, it's time for an evaluation of your hearing. Hearing loss can occur at any age, and our experienced and professional team has helped change lives by providing advanced care solutions for patients ranging from infants to seniors. From hearing tests to tinnitus care, we tailor all treatments to fit the unique needs of our patients. Our commitment to serving our community means that we stay up-to-date with the most current hearing technology and place a high value on continued education and certification. Every person who walks through the doors of Hearing & Balance Clinic is always treated with compassion, integrity, and comprehensive care.

What Is Hearing Loss & What Are The Signs

When it comes to communicating with others, hearing is our most critical sense. Even relatively mild hearing loss can seriously disrupt how we interact and connect with others. When you struggle to understand and communicate with those you love or find difficulty making sense of everyday noises, your social, mental, and physical health can suffer. If you begin to notice any of the following signs and symptoms of hearing loss, it might be time for a hearing evaluation:

  • Frequently asking others to repeat themselves.
  • Having difficulty in detailed conversations with more than two people.
  • Thinking that others are always speaking too softly.
  • Receiving comments about how loud your TV is.
  • Delivering inappropriate responses during a conversation.
  • Withdrawing from once enjoyable social situations.

What We Provide

  • Diagnostic Audiology
  • Custom Hearing Aids and Repairs
  • Tinnitus Care
  • Balance Treatment
  • Aural Rehabilitation
  • Earwax Management
  • And More!

*We offer a 12-month no interest financing through Wells Fargo.


"Very knowledgeable and friendly staff. They take the time to explain everything and make sure you understand your options so you are comfortable with your decision." — Richard A.

"I found Dr.Thomas and her staff at the Loganville location to be very pleasant and helpful. Dr. Thomas took time to explain to me how to use the hearing aids, and installed an app on my phone that gives me options for adjusting the aids to my hearing in various situations. I am very happy with Hearing & Balance Clinic." — Mark D.

Your Journey To Better Hearing

To start your journey to better hearing, call Hearing & Balance Clinic at (706) 549-3111 or quickly fill out our form down below. We are at 1580 Mars Hill Rd in Watkinsville, GA.

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